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新材料New Material




A sticky problem

马牌和Kordsa :新型无RF粘合体系

London – A recurring topic on the TTE conference programme reflects the growing pressure in the tire industry to transition away from the use of resorcinol-formaldehyde (RF) tire cord adhesives.


Among the papers addressing this topic, will be a joint presentation by Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH and Kordsa Global on their co-development of a new RF-free adhesion systems.

在讨论这一主题的文书中,德国马牌公司和Kordsa 将联合介绍他们共同开发的一种新型无RF粘合体系。

The technology being developing will be provided free of charge to lay the foundation for a new eco-friendly adhesion system standard.



新装备New Equipment


HF introducing new TBR press range



Hanover, Germany – German tire machinery maker HF Tire Technology is introducing a new generation of curing presses for truck tire manufacture.


德国汉诺威 - 德国轮胎机械制造商HF Tire Technology正在推出用于卡车轮胎制造的新一代硫化机。

Set for display during the Tire Tech Expo 2019 March in Hanover, the HF Curemaster TBR range offers a “flexible and compact footprint.”

HF Curemaster TBR系列将于汉诺威轮胎技术博览会期间展出,提供“更灵活,紧凑的占地面积”。

The machine can, therefore, be used to replace older smaller presses and save space, according to a HF press statement.


The presses, the company said, “allow for the possibility to fit more presses per existing trench.”...


Rodolfo to show patented calender tech 



Hanover, Germany – Among the TTE highlights for Italian calendering specialist Rodolfo Comerio will be a recently patented technology for textile fabric and steel cord rubberised materials used in the tire industry.

德国汉诺威——意大利压延专家Rodolfo ComerioTTE亮点之一,将是一项用于轮胎行业的纤维帘线与钢丝帘线覆胶的材料的专利技术。

The new technology is designed to offer “perfect lamination and penetration of rubber into the cords thanks to a friction-free calender roll that supports shifting.”


In addition, Rodolfo Comerio said the technology improves the quality of the rubberised materials, increases production stability and reduces scrap, thus lowering production costs.

此外,Rodolfo Comerio表示,该技术可提高覆胶帘布的质量,提高生产稳定性并减少废料,从而降低生产成本。

Optimised coding systems



Hanover, Germany – At TTE, Koenig & Bauer Coding will present “optimised” coding and marking systems for manufacturers and suppliers to the tire industry.

   德国汉诺威 - TTEKoenigBauer Coding将为轮胎行   业的制造商和供应商    提供优化编码和标记系统。


Label transfer applications (LTA), it said, “are taken over” by a hot stamping device with over 4,300 dots/donuts or similar shapes.


Delivering this before a ribbon roll-change is needed helps to reduce setup costs “enormously,” claims Koenig & Bauer.

在需要进行ribbon roll-chage之前提供此功能有助于极大地降低设置成本

The company’s displays will also include a hot stamping device that can print eight different symbols on tires with just one printing unit and an…

   该公司的展示还将包括一个只需一个印刷单元即可在轮胎上印刷八种不同的符号的   热冲印设备......

HF’s mixing room of the future



Freudenberg, Germany –  Today’s tire market requires entire system-solutions integrating machines, modules, automation and auxiliary products, according to HF Mixing Group.HF’s strategy is, therefore, to provide complete and sustainable mixing solutions, rather than just individual machinery for mixing applications

HF mix Group表示,今天的德国轮胎市场需要整机、模块、自动化和辅助产品一体化的系统解决方案。因此,HF的战略是提供完整和可持续的系统化解决方案,而不仅仅是用于混合应用的单个机械。

This concept is reflected in HF’s new Advise 4.0, a modular, scalable system for automating mixing rooms and intelligent process technology.All areas of the mixing room are included, and individual applications can be selected and combined to create a “comprehensive automation solution,” claims HF.

这一概念反映在HF工业 4.0最新意见中:要搭建一个模块化、可伸缩的混合室自动化系统和实现其智能化过程。混合室的所有区域都将被包括在内,并且可以选择单独的应用程序并将其组合起来来实现全面的自动化。

 FineLine linking RFID to smart-tire manufacture

Fineline: RFID 连接智慧工厂



Norcross, Georgia – FineLine Technologies will offer an educational presentation on RFID’s role in smart tire manufacturing at the Tire Technology Expo 2019.


乔治亚州诺克罗斯市FineLine Technologies公司将在轮胎技术博览会上就RFID在智能轮胎制造中的作用进行说明讲解。


The talk, Mold, bladder, tooling and press management in smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0, will be given by FineLine vice president Jos Uijlenbroek at 11:20 a.m. on 5 March.The presentation will explore how RFID technology can help achieve connectivity of tools through nearly all tire manufacturing processes.


FineLine副总裁Jos Uijlenbroek将于35日上午11:20就模具、胶囊、工装与硫化的智能制造与工业4.0的想结合来进行演讲。该演讲将探讨RFID技术如何帮助实现几乎所有(轮胎制造过程中的)工具统一协调、管理。





Opinion: Step up to the platform




Ahead of the company’s participation in the Tire Technology Expo, VMI’s chief commercial officer Mike Norman urges companies to rethink how they upgrade tire machinery




Many different forces are shaping the future of the tire industry, from increasingly restrictive regulations and growing use of thinner, lighter materials to digitalisation and developments around electric vehicles and autonomous driving technologies.


To cope with such potentially disruptive changes, a simple move many companies could make today is to focus more on…






Tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence 2019 shortlist – as supplied by organisers UKI Media & Events. Winners to be announced at gala dinner event on 6 March.

由主办方UKI Media & Events提供的2019年国际轮胎技术创新与卓越奖入围名单。得奖名单将于三月六日晚宴公布。


The shortlist in full 候选者完整名单:

Tire Manufacturing Innovation of the Year


HF Group – TBM One
Festo – Motion Terminal VTEM
Uzer Makina – Pre-heating presses
Intralox – Use of VR technology
Computype – Chromaffix

Environmental Achievement of the Year


Lehigh Technologies/Michelin
RubberJet Valley – High-pressure water jet technology
Bridgestone – high-strength rubber
Yokohama – Isoprene from biomass technology
Michelin – RF-free dipping

Tire Technology of the Year


Coesfeld (PRL) – Instrumented Chip&Cut analyzer
FineLine Technologies – Pre-Cure RFID Bead Label
Comerio Ercole – Variable Bias Cutting Unit
Eastman Chemical – Crystex Cure Pro
Goodyear – DuraShield
Fraunhofer ITWM – CDTire
Kordsa/Continental – RF-free adhesive system
Nokian – Tractor King
SRI – Sensing Core
Michelin – Acorus
Pirelli – Cyber Car
PPG Silica/Bridgestone – Surface-modified silica
Toyo Tires – Aero simulation technology
Trinseo – Functionalized S-SBR

Tire Industry Supplier of the Year


Test World (Millbrook)
Uzer Makina
Rodolfo Comerio
Black Donuts
Smithers Rapra

Tire Manufacturer of the Year



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